I have been in the gyro selling business for over 25 years and found Gyrosknife.com on Google about 4 years ago. I ordered my first starter knife in 2012 and it made such a difference in my product yield. Since then I have ordered 2 more Dost 80 knives for other locations and multiple replacement blades. Sunny has always been great with whatever I need. He helps me with easy fixes over the phone and is quick to respond with orders and return phone calls. 

J.N. from Miami Subs Grill


The Devran gyro knife is the best, I’ve been using it for 8 years and still works like new. And the service for parts is very good and fast.
Thank you

A.D. from Erik’s Deli


My experience with the slicer:

I purchased Dost 120 about a year ago. I have nothing but good things to say about the knife and the company that sold it to me. Here are just a few pointers coming from a restaurant owner:

– Safety.

No more burns from the gyros grills. With the electric knife, my hand is far enough from the hot burners and I am able to cut from any angle. 

– Savings and quality control

 With the electric knife, I am able to cut the meats a lot thinner than before. The blade is easily adjustable. This translates into huge savings and it allows me to cut only the cooked part of the Shawarma as it cooks only from the outside.  

РTime savings 

The knife cuts so fast, I am able to have quicker service and I am free more often to tend to other things.  


I have been using the knife 7 days a week from 11 am to 10 pm. It’s heavy duty. It’s easy to clean as it’s waterproof.¬†


Customer service

The company is very professional and takes customer service very seriously. They are quick to ship, to respond, and to take care of any matter that may arise. I was so pleased with both knife and company that I recently purchased my second knife two weeks ago.

Thank you Gyrosknife 


Ahmed from Amir Restaurant in Montreal, QC


Thank you for your prompt attention to my email the other night. Your concern about product and quality has made me a customer for life! My family has purchased these in previous years and I can say the prompt attention you gave me is what sold for the future.

M.J. from Gyro Grill