Uyar Service Set



Introducing the Uyar Service Set, a comprehensive collection of tools designed to optimize the maintenance and performance of all Uyar electric gyro slicers. This versatile set includes essential tools that make blade changing and upkeep a breeze, ensuring seamless operation and longevity for your equipment.

Included in the Uyar Service Set are the following components:

  • Locking pin for effortless blade changing
  • Grub screw for secure assembly
  • Allen key for easy adjustments and maintenance

With these precision-engineered tools at your disposal, you can effortlessly maintain and enhance the functionality of your Uyar electric gyro slicer. Simplify blade changes, tighten crucial components, and perform routine maintenance with confidence using the Uyar Service Set. Elevate your slicing experience and ensure the continued efficiency of your equipment with this indispensable toolkit.

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