UYAR iCut-2 Basic Electric Gyro Knife 110-230v



UYAR iCut-2 BasicLine Ø 90 mm Döner Knife

Let’s meet the iCut-2 BasicLine doner knife. It comes with an easy-to-hold, slanted handle and a 90 mm round blade. It’s great for cutting gyros, kebabs, chicken kebabs, turkey kebabs, al pastor, and shawarma, like a pro.

Able To Cut A Lot of Meat in a Day

The iCut-2 Basic electric kebab knife can slice up to 70 kg/150 lbs. each day. Ideal for cost-aware restaurants, it’s made to last and stand up to lots of use. You can expect it to work reliably for years.

All in all, the iCut-2 Basic makes cutting with an electric kebab knife easier and quicker. The handle shape is easy on your hand and it’s a good price, making it a top choice for restaurant owners who have lots of meat to cut.

Product Description

Easy Hold Handle

UYAR’s new handle design lets you hold it comfortably, even for long periods. It’s great for catering businesses as it makes your wrist less tired.

Circular ProfiCut Knife Smooth ø 90 mm

This tough, top-notch round knife is made to last and cut precisely.

3rd Gen Electric Power Supply Unit

Our power supply unit, the strongest one for doner knives around, can work with either 110 V or 220 V power. It’s got protection against surges, overheating, and voltage spikes and can stand up to short circuits too.

Awesome 3rd Gen Improvements:

The power pack is made for kebab knives up to 260 watts and ensures easy cutting of crispy meat. It’s got an upgraded power plug and cord, improving the device’s overall performance. We have so much faith in the 3rd gen electric power supply unit, we’re giving a 3-year guarantee with the GyrosKnife promise.

High-Speed DC Motor

The speedy DC motor, together with a stable power supply, gives powerful and neat cuts.

Waterproof Hand-Held Cutting Device (IP67)

UYAR’s smart way to regrease the bearings helps prevent costly device damage from dirt and water if you do it regularly. Remember: The kebab knife should not be put in the dishwasher!

Advanced Switch with Magnet Tech

The switch is in the perfect spot for safe, easy use and uses magnet tech to last longer.

Cable Kink Protection

The knife’s cable kink protection keeps cable breaks from happening, letting you use the knife however you need to.

Light, Slim, and Very Sturdy

These knives are light, quiet, and incredibly tough, thanks to the precision-made parts from our own production. They’re easy to hold and perfect for lots of use.

Easy-to-Clean Design

The design, with fewer corners and sharp edges, makes cleaning easy and germ-free.

Proudly made in Germany

Uyar makes these top-of-the-line knives in the peaceful town of Künsebeck, at the UYAR Technology Centre, located close to Halle Westphalia.

Guaranteed – 30-Day Money-Back Promise!

30 Day Money Back Badge

Daily Capacity
Blade Diameter
Ø 90mm
Rated Speed
6500 rpm
Stepless Cutting Adjustment
0 – 10mm
Cable Length
Weight (without cable)
110 – 220V
50 – 60Hz
130W / 22V


  • Hand-cutting device iCut-2 BasicLine Ø 90 mm
  • power adapter
  • Smooth circular knife Ø 90 mm ProfiCut (2x)
  • grinding tool
  • grease gun
  • Locking pin for blade change
  • operation manual
Uyar iCut 2 Basic


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