UYAR iCut-290 Performance Electric Gyro Knife 110-230v



UYAR iCut-290 Performance Gyro Slicer

The iCut-2 Performance electric kebab slicer is a high-quality cutting tool that is perfect for professional use. It is designed with an ergonomically angled handle that allows for comfortable and easy handling, even during long periods of use. The 90 mm circular knife is ideal for cutting a variety of meats, including gyros, kebabs, chicken kebabs, turkey kebabs, and shawarma.

With a daily cutting capacity of up to 150kg/330lbs, the iCut-2 Performance electric kebab knife is an excellent choice for busy kitchens and restaurants. It is designed to be durable and long-lasting, even with heavy use, and is sure to provide many years of reliable service.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality electric kebab knife that is both efficient and easy to use, the iCut-2 Performance is an excellent choice. With its ergonomic design, automatic washing program, and large cutting capacity, it is sure to meet the needs of any professional chef or restaurant owner.


  • Ergonomically angled handle
    The ergonomic handle newly developed by UYAR relieves the wrist and is therefore ideal for continuous use in the catering trade.
  • Smooth circular knife ø 90 mm UltraCut
    The hardened high-end circular knife impresses with durability and precision.
  • 3rd generation electronic power supply unit
    Our power supply unit is the most powerful doner knife power supply unit on the market and automatically adjusts to 110 V or 220 V input voltage. It also has overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and overvoltage protection, and is also short-circuit proof.
    Even better in the 3rd generation:
    The short-term load of the power pack, which is specially optimized for use with electric kebab knives of up to 260 watts, guarantees problem-free cutting of crispy meat. Improved device performance with modified device plug and mains plug with higher quality H05RN-F rubber cable. We are convinced of the reliable and trouble-free function of the new electronic power supply unit of the 3rd generation and that is why we are extending the guarantee on these power supply units to 3 years with the UYAR PLUS guarantee.
  • High-speed DC motor with microcontroller control
    A microprocessor-controlled high-speed DC motor with constant speed control ensures smooth, powerful, and clean cutting without loss of taste thanks to its soft start. In addition, the built-in temperature control protects the motor from overheating. This avoids an engine-related defect.
  • Splashproof hand-held cutting device (IP67)
    The ingeniously simple UYAR bearing regreasing principle ensures that expensive device failures caused by the ingress of dirt and water can be avoided if carried out regularly.
    Attention: The kebab knife is not dishwasher-safe!
  • Wear-free high-tech lever switch with magnet technology
    The ergonomic positioning of the wear-free high-tech lever switch with magnet technology ensures safe and easy handling.
  • Thermal motor protection
    The temperature-monitored high-speed DC Maxon motor with protective shutdown ensures maximum protection against overheating of the motor even at maximum power and thus prevents expensive device failures.
  • Cable kink protection
    The knife can be used flexibly without any problems, as the cable kink protection prevents cable breaks.
  • Fully automatic washing program with the tilt sensor
    An enormous reduction in cleaning time thanks to a fully automatic washing program that automatically cleans the device after it is switched on, thus guaranteeing quick and easy cleaning with maximum hygiene.
  • Extremely light, quiet, and still very robust.
    These properties can only be realized with high-precision CNC production parts from our own production. The knife lies perfectly in the hand and is therefore designed for professional continuous use.
  • Hygienic design
    The functional hygienic design with reduced corners and edges enables easy and hygienic cleaning.
  • Made in Germany
    Our high-tech knives are manufactured in the UYAR Technology Center in the tranquil town of Künsebeck near Halle Westphalia.

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Daily Capacity
Blade Diameter
Ø 90mm
Rated Speed
7500 rpm
Stepless Cutting Adjustment
0 – 10mm
Cable Length
Weight (without cable)
110 – 220V
50 – 60Hz
130W / 26V


  • Hand slicer iCut-290 90 mm
  • transformer power supply
  • Smooth circular knife Ø 90 mm ProfiCut (2x)
  • grinding tool
  • grease gun
  • Locking pin for blade change
  • operation manual
Uyar icut-290 performance gyro slicer Overview


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Water Resistance

Blade Size


Cutting Capacity

70kg/150lbs, 90kg/200lbs, 120kg/260lbs, 150kg/330lbs



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