UYAR iCut-190 Performance Electric Gyro Slicer 110-230v



Uyar iCut-190 Performance Electric Gyro Slicer

Introducing the Uyar iCut-190 Performance Electric Kebab Slicer, a high-quality, professional cutting tool equipped with a classic straight handle and a 90 mm circular blade. Ideally suited for a variety of meats, this slicer excels at cutting gyros, kebabs, al pastor, döner kebabs, chicken döner kebabs, turkey döner kebabs, and shawarma. With a daily cutting capacity of up to 150kg/330lbs, this powerful slicer serves as the perfect choice for professional use in restaurants, food trucks, and other food service venues.

Thanks to its potent motor and razor-sharp blade, the Uyar iCut-190 delivers clean and precise cuts every time, minimizing waste and saving valuable time in bustling commercial kitchens. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle design ensures a comfortable grip during prolonged use, while the easy-to-remove blade simplifies cleaning and sharpening tasks. Whether running a busy kebab shop or catering large events, the Uyar iCut-190 Performance Electric Gyro Slicer presents itself as an ideal tool for efficient, high-quality meat cutting.


Circular Knife Smooth ø 90 mm ProfiCut

The hardened, high-end circular knife’s durability and precision never fail to impress.

3rd Generation Electronic Power Supply Unit

Boasting the most powerful gyro slicer power supply unit on the market, it also features automatic voltage adjustment (110 V or 220 V input voltage), overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit proofing. The 3rd generation model enhances the short-term load of the power pack, optimally designed for electric kebab slicers (up to 260 watts), ensuring hassle-free crispy meat cutting. Enhanced device performance is further achieved with a modified device plug, mains plug, and a higher-quality H05RN-F rubber cable. We’re convinced of the 3rd generation power supply unit’s reliability and trouble-free function, extending the UYAR PLUS guarantee to three years.

High-Speed DC Motor with Microcontroller Control

Equipped with a microprocessor-controlled high-speed DC motor and constant speed control, it guarantees smooth, powerful, and clean cutting without flavor loss through its soft start function. Additionally, the built-in temperature control safeguards the motor from overheating, preventing engine-related issues.

Waterproof Hand-Held Cutting Device (IP67)

Following the ingeniously simple UYAR bearing regreasing principle regularly helps avoid expensive device failures caused by dirt and water ingress. Please note, however, that the kebab knife is not dishwasher-safe!

Wear-Free High-Tech Lever Switch with Magnet Technology

The ergonomic positioning of the wear-free high-tech lever switch featuring magnet technology ensures safe and easy handling.

XLR Connector

This connector allows easy cleaning by separating the kebab knife from the power cord.

Extremely Lightweight, Quiet, and Robust

These properties are achievable only through high-precision CNC production parts from our own manufacturing. The perfectly balanced knife is designed for professional continuous use.

Hygienic Design

The functional hygienic design minimizes corners and edges, enabling effortless and hygienic cleaning.

Made in Germany

Our high-tech knives are produced in the UYAR Technology Center, located in the peaceful town of Künsebeck, near Halle Westphalia.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You can purchase with confidence, knowing we offer a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Daily Capacity
Blade Diameter
Ø 90 mm
Rated Speed
7500 rpm
Stepless Cutting Adjustment
0 – 10mm
Cable Length
Weight (without cable)
984 g
110 – 220V
50 – 60Hz
130W / 26V


  • Hand slicer device iCut-190 Performance
  • Power supply
  • Circular knife Smooth Ø 90 mm UltraCut (2x)
  • Sharpening tool
  • Grease syringe
  • Locking pin for easy blade changing
  • Manual instruction
Uyar icut-190-performance Overview

Additional information

Blade Size


Cutting Capacity

70kg/150lbs, 90kg/200lbs, 120kg/260lbs, 150kg/330lbs

Water Resistance



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