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Dost 120 Water Resistant Electric Slicer (115 volt)


Dost 120 Water Resistant Electric Slicer (115 volt)


Cuts Doner, Donair, Gyros, Chicken, Beef, or Lamb Shawarma, Tacos al pastor

Heavy Duty Waterproof Dost 120 is rated to cut up to 300 lbs of meat per day, a comfortable model that meets the users’ needs and wishes. The product is defined with the slogan “quiet, fast and ergonomic.” Simple operation, ergonomic handling, convenient cleaning (flushable under running water), and one-finger slice thickness control from 0-12mm, make the Dost 120 an effortless choice for any high-volume restaurant. Ergonomic design is adapted to the natural human body movement. Don’t spend money on training people to cut meat; all you have to do is adjust slice thickness and cut only the meat cone’s cooked part. No more burns from the grill; you can cut from any angle.

The blade is made from hardened stainless steel for long life and durable sharpness. This is driven by a powerful motor in the handle and connected to the blade via a shaft.

Unit is powered by a transformer, which can be conveniently placed out of the way. The push-button on the handle switches the unit on when depressed and off when released. If you’d like to replace one or both smooth blades with serrated blades, please let us know. This level of quality could only mean it is made in Germany.

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