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While living in Germany from 1992-1997, Turkish doner kebab and Greek gyros became my favorite fast food. A friend of mine owned a restaurant, and he taught me how to make doner kebabs. When he got his first electric slicer, he was amazed by how much easier his business became with this innovation. Even inexperienced employees could produce consistent slice thickness, which saved him money on labor and food costs. 

I've Walked In Your Shoes

I moved to the United States in 1997 and opened my own gyros place with a friend of mine. I quickly realized that I couldn’t find a retailer selling electric slicers within the US, so I got in touch with the best German manufacturers and inquired about selling their product stateside. 

With over a decade of experience owning and operating multiple restaurants of my own, I enjoy talking to fellow hard-working restaurateurs from all over the world. Many of my customers are immigrants in the US, like myself. I like being a part of their success story, learning about their families, helping make their operation easier, and save money. I am proud to serve my customers, from one-location, mom-and-pop stores all the way to franchisors with 100+ stores.   

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If you’re like me, you rely on your equipment to help you produce the best product possible. Consistency is important for you and your customers. Since day one, I’ve been a hands-on restaurant owner. You’ll find me prepping, cooking, managing portion control, and food costs. I know how important it is to make training and the production process easy for my employees and how effective our electric gyros slicers are. With basic care, our slicers are built to last.

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