Dost 80 Waterproof

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Cuts Doner, Donair, Gyros, Chicken, Beef, or Lamb Shawarma, Tacos al pastor

Heavy Duty, Waterproof Dost 080 electric slicer is a very powerful machine that is suitable for all types of meat, which meets all necessary requirement of any restaurant owner. The product is defined with the slogans “light, quiet and fast”. Simple operation, convenient cleaning (rinsing under running water), and one finger slice thickness control, make Dost 080 unmistakable choice for all your meat cutting needs. Don’t spend money on training people how to cut meat, all you have to do is adjust slice thickness, and cut only cooked part of the meat cone. NO more burns from the grill, you can cut from any angle.

Extra blade included. Per customer’s request, we can ship serrated blade.

Made in GermanyMade_in_Germany


  • Daily capacity: 150 lb.
  • 80-mm.-blade diameter
  • Slice thickness: 0-12mm
  • Idle speed: 8000rpm
  • Weight: 830g or 1.8lb. 
  • Input voltage: 115V AC
  • Output voltage: 14.4V DC
  • Fuse: 0.63A
  • Thermo switch: 110C


  • Lightweight, only 830g (1.8lb.).
  • Easy handling
  • One finger slice thickness adjustment.
  • Suitable for all types of meat.
  • Very quiet and very fast

1 year warranty and 7 days money back warranty

Testimonial on the Dost 80

“I have been in the gyro selling business for over 25 years and found on Google about 4 years ago. I ordered my first starter knife in 2012 and it made such a difference in my product yield. Since then I have ordered 2 more Dost 80 knives for other locations and multiple replacement blades. Sunny has always been great with whatever I need. He helps me with easy fixes over the phone and is quick to respond with orders and return phone calls.”

-J.N. from Miami Subs Grill

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Weight 830 lbs


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